Main mission of the Department of Pedodontics is to protect the dental health of children from birth to adolescence, to avoid problems, to diagnose and treat at an early period.

Different types of restorations in decidious and young permanent dentition, endodontic treatments, space maintainers, pediatric dental prostheses, preventive and interseptive orthodontic treatments and dental trauma treatments are performed in the Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics) Department. Other important preventive applications are fluoride varnishes, fluoride gels and fissure sealents.

During the performance of all these protective and therapeutic procedures, among the most important issues is the patient to be treated without pain and fear.

Besides healthy children, children with various systemic diseases and handicaps are also treated in the Pedodontics Department. These special care patients are treated under sedation or general anesthesia in one session.

Prof. Dr. Işın ULUKAPI
Head of Department of Pedodontics